Interview with photographer #7: Vitória Santos (Brazil, Fashion&Portrait photography)

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Vitória Santos

Interview with photographer #7: Vitória Santos (Brazil, Fashion&Portrait photography)

Vitória Santos

Name: Vitória Santos

Age: 19

Country: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Style: Fashion and Female Portraits

Gear: Canon T6, 50mm 1.8 Canon

Experience: 2 years


Social media:



When did you first become interested in photography? What sparked it and when did you decide that it was what you were going to do? Tell us your story 😉

When I was a child, always saw my relatives taking pictures in aniversarys, family events, with those analogical camera and always had that curiosity inside of me, but they didn’t let me do it, it was kinda forbidden to me, I use to take hidden photos of people, animals.

In 2015 when Instagram became really famous around here, it was when I started to take pictures of everything I liked and I thought that was beautiful and I found a way to show my own view of the world and express my feelings.

As time passed, I’ve started to take pictures of my friends and people i knew, but only took pictures with the phone, heard some people saying that I had future, that my photos was pretty and I should follow this career but the equipments was too expensive and I couldn’t afford, but that didn’t limit me and I learned with what I had while I didn’t had the necessary equipment.

Vitória Santos
Vitória Santos

Were you formally educated in photography, or are you self taught?

As I had no money to invest in photography courses I started to search the basics on the internet, e-books, until I found the Youtuber/Photographer Karly Marques which produced more in-depth content, through this channel I learned 80% of the theoretical and technical part and of course, a lot of practice.

What is your ways of income from photography? Do you sell your photos on microstock sites? What else?

I sell photographic essas and intend to do workshops to those who are starting.

What else do you do besides photography? 😉

I work only with photography.

Vitória Santos
Vitória Santos

What mistakes did you make when you started taking pictures?

I missed a lot o photometry, but the worst mistake was letting people took advantage of my work.

Which photo are you currently most proud of? Tell us  a story about this photo please.

Vitória Santos
Vitória Santos

There was a photography event outside my city named “Onvisuals” partnering with Pexels, and I saw it as an opportunity to broaden my photographic vision and creativity and broaden my contacts and knowledge next to photographers I admired and accompanied, I did not lose time and programmed myself to go, had several models with a fashion production, I tried to express feelings in the picture. A few days later the pictures was published by Italian Vogue.

Who have you learned the most from?

The Youtuber/Photographer Karly Marques

Vitória Santos
Vitória Santos

When did you start sharing your photos on Pexels and Unsplash? Many photographers prefer not to share their photos for free, but sell them on photo banks. What is your reason to do that? Does it helps you to attract new customers or you have some any other reasons?

About a year ago I’ve started sharing my photos on Pexels, when I started producing expressive and artistic copyright portraits, my main goal is to make my photograph go beyond where I live and arrive to other people, reach other countries. This to me is more rewarding than any value.

How did you find your photography style, and what can you recommend to other photographers trying to find their niche?

I tried many styles, some liked me, but still lacked something, I was not 100% happy, until I started conceptual and fashions portraits, then I felt myself complete.

For those wishing to find an identity, I recommend that you try all the segments  that you identify, try hard until you find yourself, get inspired by other jobs and produce a lot.

Vitória Santos
Vitória Santos

Your favourite accessory?

My lens.

Favourite photography website?


Top tip for any aspiring in your niche photographers out there?

Inspire yourself a lot in photographers who produce this kind of content, study more the area, and always seek help with people specializing in fashion and art.

To what degree do you retouch your photos, Photoshop? Lightroom? Aperture? Anything that you like to do in your photos in particular, such as add certain curves?

I use enough Photoshop and Lightroom, much of my work is by Photoshop, and what I like in particular is to use pastel tones, some warm colors and green accents.

Do you use some photographer’s facebook groups/forums/subreddits/medium to share your experience or discuss something?

Just a little group on Whatsapp, where we share our experience and knowledge. I think it’s interesting you being connected with other people and don’t limit yourself with your own experience

Recommend some blogs or instagram profiles about photography you love to read.

Vitória Santos
Vitória Santos

What promotion methods do you use? How do you find customers for your photo shoots?

I do use Facebook and Instagram.

Final words of wisdom you would like to share?

Don’t be afraid to dare, photograph enough, try different things and don’t let mistakes get in your way and learn from them so you can improve. Join other photographers and do not have the idea of competition,  there is customer for everyone, remember that alone you go faster, but accompanied you go farther.

Thanks a lot Vitória! I wish you the most juicy shots! ?

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