Interview with photographer #26: Raka Miftah (Indonesia, Portrait, Landscape and Street Photography)

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Raka Miftah

Interview with photographer #26: Raka Miftah (Indonesia, Portrait, Landscape and Street Photography)

Raka Miftah

Name: Raka Miftah

Age: 22

Location: Indonesia, Bandung

Style: Portrait, Landscape, Street

Gear: Nikon D5200 | Nikkor af-s 18-55mm f/3,5-5,6 | Nikkor af-d 70-300mm f/4-5,6 | Yongnuo 35mm f/2

Experience: 3 years.

Social media:




When did you start shooting and how did this love for photography happen? What is your view about photography?

Maybe in 2011 but i never doing it seriously, but as time goes by it seems interesting to learn further about photography. I think photography is a expression of what you think in mind but cannot be said.

Apart from photography, tell me about your hobbies and interests?

Listening to music of course, watching movies, riding with my motorcycle to another city.

Which genre of photography do you like/practice and why?

Honestly, i’m learn all of genre in photography, first i learn is landscape photography because there’s a challenge to get great photos, but right now i’m focusing on portrait photography because i loved to saw different personality of people i’ve met for photoshoot.

Raka Miftah
Raka Miftah

Almost 90% of photographers find it hard to earn money out of photography. Any tips that might help photographers to earn money?

Maybe i’m the one in the 90% of it ? i can tell, create many portfolio, relation, and don’t forget to pray & work hard.

What mistakes did you make when you started taking pictures?

Sometimes i’m forgetting about technique like framing or composition.

Which photo are you currently most proud of? Tell us a story about this photo please.

Raka Miftah
Raka Miftah

I just loved this photo, with great gesture and this pose idea just came suddenly, the message of this photo is everyone on social media has a mask or something for covering the true identity of himself to get recognition.

What do you do to keepmotivated, and not lose your passion for photography?

Keep shooting, keep take a photo from your camera, if you lose mood in photography, just take a break and back to take picture whenever you ready.

Why are you giving away your photos on Pexels/Unsplash?

Because i want to share my photos around the world, and everyone can learn together about photo from other people who can make great photos.

Raka Miftah
Raka Miftah

Light, decisive moment, content, ambiance, a good gear, according to you which is the most essential element in photography?

Maybe decisive moment, but i think the most essential element in photography is the photographer itself, because he/she will create the photo look amazing.

How fo you promote yourself as photographer?

Right now with internet you can accessed everywhere, everyone on the earth can connect to other people without limit, so i use internet as a media to promote me as photographer, like on social media, or stock photo website.

Share your goal in photography?

Being successed photographer and being photographer that useful for people who need it.

Raka Miftah
Raka Miftah

Is there a photo you dream of taking?

My dream is taking landscape photo in Switzerland and Greenland.

Do you know where your next mission or project will be?

Right now is just to take a chance wherever and whenever it’ll be.

Kindly share top five Instagram account everybody should follow?






Raka Miftah
Raka Miftah

Final words of wisdom you would like to share?

Don’t give up, enjoy the process because the result will not dissapoint you.

Raka Miftah
Raka Miftah
Raka Miftah
Raka Miftah

Thanks a lot Raka! I wish you the most juicy shots! ?

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