Interview with photographer #18: The Lazy Artist (UAE, Aerial/Portrait/Travel/Lifestyle photography)

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The Lazy Artist
The Lazy Artist

Interview with photographer #18: The Lazy Artist (UAE, Aerial/Portrait/Travel/Lifestyle photography)

The Lazy Artist

Name: The Lazy Artist

Age: 36

Location: UAE, Dubai

Style: Aerial/Portrait/Travel/Lifestyle/Fashion/Street

Gear: Fuji Xt20 and Sony A73

Experience: 3 years

Social media:




I am #Thelazyartistgallery. Designing has inspired me for a long time, it has challenged me to master new techniques. As it is a fact that art never comes in isolation, I believe that two minds are better than one.

Do you agree? In January 2009, I moved from New Delhi to Doha, Qatar to become the first Graphic Designer of Renaissance City Center Hotel Doha, this was during their pre-opening days.

It was a great learning experience, looking after the design requirements for the Renaissance Doha City Center Hotel, Marriott Executive Apartments & Courtyard by Marriott.

After the assignment, I have never looked back as I continued to work for several properties in Dubai. It really turned out to be a pleasantly endowed surprise when

The Lazy Artist who holds a degree in Graphic Designing turned into lifestyle photographer & content creator for fashion, food & Jewelry Instagram accounts. That reminds me of a fact that I once took a diploma in Fashion designing.

When did you start shooting and how did this love for photography happen? What is your view about photography?

When I was a kid, I was given comics strips & books with images that had lots of breathing space. Two characters, one speech balloon, empty sky with no clouds so attention could go on the storyline. Few elements as possible within a frame in a comic strip.

This drove me to minimalism in art. I have invested my urban loneliness into Photoshop & art. Staying alone in my flat during that rainy day in Dubai (ya rain Dubai!) when I would only extend the blue sky of every image I took of my friends through Photoshop introduced me to minimalism in photography after art.

Recalling my first photo shoot..model in one corner of the wall of Al Bastakiya wearing a bright pink dress holding ice cream cone & giggling. I might be doing commercial shoots abandoning big sky & huge walls & tiny model in the corner & listening to client’s demand but I do miss those simple minimalist themes. There is a connection between isolation & creativity.

The Lazy Artist
The Lazy Artist

Apart from photography, tell me about your hobbies and interests?

I love Radio Control Toys (RC) and maintain a page in Instagram called

Which genre of photography do you like/practice and why?

Minimalism in Commercial Photography.

Almost 90% of photographers find it hard to earn money out of photography. Any tips that might help photographers to earn money?

Please do not stick to one style of photography. Maintain good attitude, dress up well and be very experimental. Above all, get out of your comfort zones.

What mistakes did you make when you started taking pictures?

I spent too much time in Photoshop but I should have taken more pictures.

Which photo are you currently most proud of? Tell us a story about this photo please.

The Lazy Artist
The Lazy Artist

I love drone shots.

Who has the time to fly a drone over mountains and rivers? Gold mine is underneath yours. Just fly over people and make interesting compositions.

I call it #droneoverpeople.

What do you do to keep motivated, and not lose your passion for photography?

Checking market flow and socializing with people.

Why are you giving away your photos on Pexels/Unsplash?

To spread joy through visuals.

The Lazy Artist
The Lazy Artist

Light, decisive moment, content, ambiance, a good gear, according to you which is the most essential element in photography?

Creating ideas for content is essential with a basic camera. Rest things will fall on their places.

How you promote yourself as a photographer?

Through Instagram.

Share your goal in photography?

To be the best commercial photographer.

Is there a photo you dream of taking?

I would love to create my own drone and take some pictures. I would love to do light paintings in the future.

The Lazy Artist
The Lazy Artist

Do you know where your next mission or project will be?

I would be dealing with videos and documentaries.

Kindly share top five Instagram accounts everybody should follow?

The Lazy Artist
The Lazy Artist

Final words of wisdom you would like to share?

Be a nice human. No one likes to have a selfish photographer.

The Lazy Artist
The Lazy Artist

Thanks a lot The Lazy Artist! I wish you the most juicy shots! ?

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